"Autumn starts rolling in,
and you are still a silhouette;
a figure thats only purpose
is for casting shadows.
Autumn starts rolling in,
and you are not mine.

The summer sun is setting,
the roads are all dead ends;
you are not mine
when the leaves change.
Autumn starts rolling in
and, my god, you’ve changed;
darling, you’ve changed.

Your heart is not mine
but I still have your thoughts;
you still see me in every color.
Autumn rolled in, red and orange,
and falling, falling, falling.

This is not what I meant
when I said I wanted things
to change between us.
You are not the summer sun.
You are not setting.
You are not mine.
You are not mine."
a.v., at a loss for words
#oh. #p

Older painting I did of Clementine from Eternal sunshine.


Older painting I did of Clementine from Eternal sunshine.

Purity Ring | Grammy (Soulja Boy cover)

What do you want from me ‘cause I’ve giving you everything.
What do you need from me? Are you not happy with anything?

When I’m in a happy state of mind, I often am in Los Angeles, recently you know those Fantasy Tour vans that go around, I don’t know what they’re looking at, they’re looking at studios and things like that, when I pass them in my car sometimes I roll down the window and point myself out to them. Sometimes they don’t notice me, and I’ll go “OK never mind”, but sometimes they go “Oh ladies and gentleman, to the right we have Jeff Goldblum.”


kanye west literally compares himself to vanellope von shweetz in wreck-it ralph

Track Title: Say My Name (ft. Zyra)

Artist: ODESZA

Album: In Return

ODESZA / Say My Name (ft. Zyra)

When you gonna let me know if you give a damn about me
Cause you got my hands tied
In my defense I always fall for confidence
And your compliments look good on me