rage more


This is my mean streak it tastes
like irish breakfast tea and milk
gone bad.

This is where I waste
my tears.

The kettle’s gone dry.

I don’t remember driving
home from work tonight it
was all a yellow lined blur
just like I don’t keep your
number in my phone

For a year it was my wifi password
to show all my friends I just can’t
move on.

I recite the numbers in my
head instead of screaming
when I’d rather be choking
on your fingers in my mouth.

And I guess I miss Seattle like
an old lover and I guess we
ended on bad terms.

It’s just the wanting that does it.

It’s the fact that I can run my hands
through the sand but I will
never own the sea.

This is poetry as catharsis no
this is poetry as revenge.

I want you to swallow these words
and tell me if they taste like
your Catholic shame.

This is the stolen shopping cart and
blood in the tub and my legs
not moving right.



"Dan, you’re like the closest person I’ve ever met to the guy in America Psycho. And I think you might think that that’s a compliment, but that’s just because a part of your brain is missing.” 

Track Title: Beggin For Thread

Artist: Banks


Beggin’ For Thread // BANKS

Forty years ago, a vast molten cavity known as the Darvaza crater – nicknamed the “door to hell” – opened up in the desert of north Turkmenistan, and has been burning ever since. Now, Canadian explorer George Kourounis has became the first to make the descent into the fiery pit to look for signs of life (x)

Antique Rose Gold and Bloodstone Ring, 1900 - 1909

Antique Rose Gold and Bloodstone Ring, 1900 - 1909


"1. When you kiss me, it tastes like nitrogen. You told me not to be afraid, but I’ve always been explosive.
2. I’m trying to write about us in a way that doesn’t seem like an emergency call to the ER. It’s not working.
3. You never told me you could leave my lungs leeching blood. Is this what beauty is?
4. Christ, sometimes you’re all I can think about.
5. I can’t put you into words. Most days, I don’t know how to breathe when you speak to me. You’ve taken away almost everything and I don’t even mind.
6. Don’t leave, don’t leave, don’t leave.
7. I shouldn’t give your silence enough power to bring me to my knees. But I have – I think I’m already lost.
8. We’re going to fall in love, aren’t we?
9. I’m afraid the next time I try to say your name, it will come out please stay.
10. I’ve kissed many people, but none as beautiful as you.
Love has been many things. But never mine."
— Thoughts on You After Dark | d.a.s


On Aura Tout Vu Haute Couture Fall Winter 2014/15 Collection
"You can only hold a smile for so long, after that it’s just teeth."
— Chuck Palahniuk, Invisible Monsters.
Track Title: Beware the Dogs

Artist: The Griswolds

Album: Beware the dog

We used to joke and it felt like gold
But now you’re fucking crazy