Lykke Li for Nylon Magazine


Here is my confession:
a conversation starter —
I like to set fires in my own heart.
You, a blessed rag doll.
You, venetian blinds,
a moth-eaten curtain.

Change the subject —
sometimes I wander the streets of my mind
wearing nothing but a lit cigarette.
I don’t smoke,
except after sex or
getting my heart broken, or all the time,
for that matter.

Tell me about yourself —
have you never been married to the moon?
It must be lonely out there,
counting stars by yourself.
I would kiss you,
but I’ve never been good at falling in love.
Neither have you, you say,
and we smile in the way
that does not reach our eyes.

A conclusion and parting —
we could’ve been a desert storm,
hearts blazing in a field of daisies
and tobacco lungs.
I have never touched your skin,
but here is my sorrow.
Take it — this is your attrition.

Walk east, kiss the sun,
and please forget my name.

— Conversations by a Hospital Bed | d.a.s


Jayson Carter
What do you see (1&3), 2013


Julian de Gainza in Saint Laurent


Julian de Gainza in Saint Laurent

Track Title: Nothin On My Mind

Artist: astronomyy


Astronomyy | Nothin On My Mind

all your shorts do say “porn star”

"I am always sure that you understand
My feelings, always sure that you feel,
Sure that across the gulf you reach your hand."